I haven’t been posting quite a while, and I really apologise for it.
There’s has been certain hiccups here and there, which include the start of school (read: chaos) and the crash of the HDD *gasps*
Nevertheless, I’ll be posting some of the photos taken during Christmas, with the aids of some of Santa’s early presents!

First of all, I’ve to thank the models for having to bear with me during my numerous shoots. It certainly wasn’t easy, but I really do appreciate your effort!

Do enjoy the photos and drop me a comment!

Poor thing, he must have been really tired. Thanks alot! 
© Le Marc Photography

And that’s all for this post! I hope to be coming back soon with more photos! Stay tuned! 😀


Past weekend was a busy one [wasn’t the photographer though I had the chance to play with a few gears: 20D, 1DsMkII (which was ❤ ❤ <3), D60, D70, D80] , particularly over the SEA Canoeing Championships 2008, held in Macritchie. (http://www.scf.org.sg/SEACC08/seacc08.html)
Photographs of the event can be found at Bumin‘s and Rachel‘s photoblog!

Following are just photos of random shoot:

121608_img_8817121608_img_8824121608_img_8837121608_img_8857121608_img_8873121608_img_8894121608__mg_3944121608__mg_3946121608__mg_3950121608__mg_3951there are many paths leading us there…
121608__mg_3952unchain me…
121608__mg_3954 121608__mg_3958colours of france?
121608__mg_3969 121608_img_8913121608_img_8924121608_img_8936121608_img_8939121608_img_8931121608_img_8942
dinner at botak jones!121608_img_8945121608_img_8958121608_img_89591
some shots were taken with the 20D, and mine the shutter sounds better than the 400D (but of course pales in comparison with the 1DsMkII, apparently I still haven’t gotten over the infatuation). 

More photos to come, plus some sneaky projects coming up…
Christmas presents came early…

As always, the Hungary Series continue (no I’ve definitely not forgotten about it!).
Academics may take a backseat for this month, but definitely others will take the stage. 

it’s spring time!
082303_recoverd_jpg_file345 082303_recoverd_jpg_file347082303_recoverd_jpg_file339082303_recoverd_jpg_file349082303_recoverd_jpg_file369
the cafe culture over there…
mapforentryhungaryseriespartiv the following are taken as shown above! [courtesy of Google Maps] (click to see the whole map!)
yum yum, home cooked dinner!
random shoots!
the reason why i was there!

that’s all for now, more photos are definitely in the works.
future releases will definitely be more from the Hungary Series, and a preview photo is as follows….
doing that particular album just makes me excited!
hope to see you again, and once again thanks for viewing!

We’ve disembarked at our destination.
The next question is: Where to now?


All right, let’s take a break from the Hungary series and look at what’s around us, right here in Singapore…

Somehow the photo above right seems “fundamentally wrong”, ie. the pillar is tilted etc. ;but somehow that makes me like it even more. So… Two wrongs make one right?
 And, the end product…

Recess week!
Some time to look at photos, and to post-process them definitely takes off some of the stress!
Barely a week at Budapest, but curiosity drives one to explore the city!

The following are taken at the vicinity of the Parliament, will post shots of inside the parliament itself! (in the following entries)

Following are some random shots!

Photo above right is to show you how deep the subway actually runs!

The lens that now sticks to me 95% of the time! Responsible for taking the ultra-wide angle shots!
© Le Marc Photography

Looking forward to uploading more photos!

Procrastination. The root of all evils?!

I’m terribly apologetic for the slow pace of photos coming out, but I hope that I do get the understanding that given a large choice of photos I hope to choose the ones that will best represent the places I’ve been to! Also, this week I’ve managed to get some nice architecture shots (which incidentally are my favourites!), which means I’ve even more photos to work on, a pile of never-ending photos!

Without further ado, let’s start with the photos!

Parts of Budapest as seen from the Buda Castle

Eagle near the Buda Castle

Walking from the castle to the Fisherman’s Bastion

The Fisherman’s Bastion

Dinner at the basement of this restaurant which serves pretty good Hungarian food, and it often provide entertainment to its customers.

Definitely a sign of Spring; as more and more leaves start to appear as the days go by.

And that’s defintely one freezing photographer. Look at the layers of clothes!
© Le Marc Photography

That would be all for this entry, do stay tuned as many more photos are to come!

P.s Because of the chronological approach that I’ve decided to adopt to cover this trip, some of the photos later might cover the same places (ie. Buda Castle, Fisherman’s Bastion), but usually the first visits to these places are tour-led, so there aren’t that many opportunities for photo-taking.