As always, the Hungary Series continue (no I’ve definitely not forgotten about it!).
Academics may take a backseat for this month, but definitely others will take the stage. 

it’s spring time!
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the cafe culture over there…
mapforentryhungaryseriespartiv the following are taken as shown above! [courtesy of Google Maps] (click to see the whole map!)
yum yum, home cooked dinner!
random shoots!
the reason why i was there!

that’s all for now, more photos are definitely in the works.
future releases will definitely be more from the Hungary Series, and a preview photo is as follows….
doing that particular album just makes me excited!
hope to see you again, and once again thanks for viewing!

How does it feel when your way above everybody?

As somebody nicely puts it when I was entertaining some guests from overseas whom didn’t have much time to spend in Singapore; to see Singapore in 15 minutes.

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