Quite a few were shocked when I bought my first DSLR, a Canon 400D.
“Since when were you into photography?”, exclaimed some.

For the record, I got my first PnS camera, an Olympus in 2006, thanks to some extra cash flow. However, I was unimpressed with the Image Quality, unlike the slick feel of a SLR belonging to some friends, which I’ve played around with over the past years.

I still remember how we managed to keep memories of those in Secondary School(around year 2002), with digital cameras of 2.x megapixels.

You can call me a sentimental person, but I’m one who’s always struggling of ways to keep track of memories. How do we capture the fleeting memories that always seem to be replaced by more and more fresh memories?

Thanks to photography, we’re able to retain them as images. To me, a photo means more than just a thousand words; it is an insight to the photographer’s thoughts, how he/she wants the viewer to interpret it. Some photos might be simple, and some photos might be more than photos. But the interesting thing is, everybody might see each photo different.

At the beginning, often I fall into the trap of trying to take a photo, trying my best to follow the style of a pro. And may I humbly add, that most photographers fall into the same trap too (I do know of photographers who don’t, and I really admire them). We, or rather I feel that we should always retain our own “unique” style, for this is how we want our story to be told to the rest of the world.

More than often, I often try to capture my memories by taking as many “quality” photos as I can. “Quality” in this context means that I’ve taken into consideration the composition(in again my own definition, as best as I could, in my own style). Fellow photographer Sheralyn would often tell me that sometimes in the midst of snapping photos we often neglect the sheer beauty of what’s around us. I truly agree.

So what constitutes to a good photographer? One with the most expensive lens? One whose photographs are the most popular? I wouldn’t even dare claim that my photos are even close to good, but this blog, will contain the stories that I’ve to tell.

And again a few days ago, spending my last few moments in a beautiful place called Hungary, I was AGAIN busily snapping away, trying to frantically capture as many memories as I can. However, soon I stopped. This time I took a deep breath, took a wide stare at the place, snapping and savouring these memories, in my heart. These unforgettable moments, both bitter and sweet, will remain.

Photos that I owe you, will come up soon.

[Disclaimer: The above post contains opinions strictly that of the author. You may agree or strongly disagree with him, however everybody is entitled to his/her opinions.  You’re encouraged to express your own views as well]