It’s been quite a while since 04S69 has gotten together, and by far, this usually exceeds the usual number that turns up! And it’s all thanks to Qianyi, who’s one of the director of this show!

NTU Hall Five Quintsical Productions proudly presents to you Clip!, an original musical about a film editor who chances upon the opportunity to unravel the wonderful benefits of the alternate path and put in place the pieces of his life he deems incorrect.
Does this privilege bring him the desired outcome, removing all imperfection and uncertainty? Does it enable him to reorganize his life and create an ideal world where he will be ever content and pleased? Join us as we mark our 15th anniversary, cutting away the flaws and pasting on the essential pieces to create the perfect film of our lives!

Before that was dinner with the clique, or what’s left of it…

Whilst eating, guess who we saw strolling her way in with somebody???
And as a S69-er, who can resist brewing up a few rumours!
Furthermore, with a zoom lens in my hands..tsktsk….

And who can resist taking some candid shots while walking to the DBS Arts Centre, Home of Singapore Repository Theatre?

hurhur. our nikon user….

And oh, have I mentioned? Eugene stopped in the middle of the road to chit-chat with an ex-colleague. Road safety comes first!

An attempt at manual focusing. My lens refused to focus due to the lack of light, or is it because of the people in it? Hmmm…

Here comes the cast!

Our very own Huishan!

Hail the director!

 Girls doing what they do best! Just kidding!

And how can we miss out a class shot? (It’s a form of marking attendance! NOW NOW THE REST OF YOU BETTER EXPLAIN YOUR ABSENCE!!)


On the way home, I couldn’t help but capture the last few moments. Crazy I must say, we were running after the last train, panting furiously when we were in the train!

And now now, isn’t this pose a little passé Ethel? My my, somethings never change (after 4 years) don’t they?